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Laying the Foundation
Mark Jewell Speaking & Training

If you’ve ever been to professional development, you know the drill: sit in a room for a few days, watch someone read their PowerPoint, fill in your workbook, take said workbook home and put it on the shelf (never to be opened again), and then return to your normal patterns. Rinse, wash, repeat.

We do things a little differently.

"Real Results. Real Time. Real Impact!"

At Mark Jewell Speaking & Training, we’ve designed live training events with the attendee in mind. That means we adjust focus based on what the attendee needs, and we create an environment that fosters engagement and interaction. We get people out of their comfort zones. We ask them to reflect on their experiences and look forward to their goals. We get them out of their seats, moving around, and masterminding with other participants.

This is not a passive sit-and-listen workshop. This is the start of a new journey.

Our two-day live events are designed to set the groundwork for our 90-day coaching programs. Regardless of program, attendees will become well-versed in our 5 Cornerstone Concepts:

  • The Trigger>Thought Framework – Getting Better Results by Interrupting Old Patterns
  • The 6 Basic Human Needs – The Must-Have’s to Achieve Fulfillment
  • The Survivor’s Guide to Thriving – Seven Steps to Go from Surviving to Thriving in Any Behavior
  • Using Strengths to Thrive – Understanding What Energizes and Motivates You for Better Results  (leveraging the Strengthscope® assessment)
  • Thrive with Five Capacity Expansion Model – Getting More from Your Time

Depending on which program you attend, we cover additional topics such as selling techniques, relationship-building strategies, and management approaches.

During the live event, we’ll also review logistics for the coaching process and help participants with goal-setting for the next 90 days.

Whether you’re struggling professionally or personally – or if you’re just ready to take it to the next level – take a deeper dive into each of our programs by clicking on the links below.

Training Programs

Millennial Mastermind for Agribusiness

The world needs the next generation of leaders to step up and stand out. The Millennial Mastermind experience will equip high-potential young professionals with the tools they need to make a difference.

Learn more about Millennial Mastermind!

Relationship Mastery Experience (RME)

Next generation sales training for the next generation of salespeople. Learn how to create the mindset of a top seller in order to build more effective relationships and leverage motivation drivers to move from lead to sale.

Learn more about ARME!

The Thriving Leader

Expand your mindset for success, optimize your strengths and those of your teammates, and learn what it takes to stop surviving and start thriving as a leader in your company and community.

Learn more about The Thriving Leader!

Finding Light in the Darkness: Living Through Trauma | A Conversation with Keri Kenney
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