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Mark Jewell Speaking & Training

We have developed four baseline training+coaching programs – each including a two-day live training and 90 days of small-group coaching – to address both the leadership and sales development needs of our clients. Each of these programs includes the MJST foundational curriculum, tailored to meet the needs and experiences of each participant.

"Real Results. Real Time. Real Impact!"

The Thriving Leader

Focus: Whole-Person Growth, Leadership

Discovery (Early-Career)

We’ve all been that early-career individual who sometimes feels intimidated, uncertain, or possibly even aimless. The Thriving Leader: Discovery program addresses that concern by increasing early career confidence, contributing to reduced turnover.


The Thriving Leader: Momentum is for those beyond the early career stage with room to grow. It can be adapted to those being groomed for positional authority, those who deserve a healthy boost, and is even loved by those playing in a high-level role in the organization.

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The Thriving Executive

Focus: Whole-Person Growth, Leadership, Team Dynamics

The Thriving Executive is for those operating at the executive or divisional leadership level in an organization. While the content for each of these events is fairly consistent, the context changes. At Thriving Executive, we deploy the same levels of perspective, feedback, and accountability we use with leaders at all levels. However, the context of the conversation becomes more strategic and has proven to build deeper bonds of trust within the leadership team.

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Relationship Mastery Experience

Focus: Whole-Person Growth, Sales

Need a solution for B2B relationship managers? At the end of the day, sales is still very much a relationship business. The Relationship Mastery Experience has multiple applications, with the key focus being on helping sales teams and individuals level up their capacity to become more present for customers and serve as a true consultant.

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