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It's Your Time to Thrive!

At Mark Jewell Speaking & Training, you’ll find a team of passionate trainers and coaches ready to show you the path from surviving to thriving – in your career and beyond.

Through engaging keynote addresses, high-impact training experiences, and individualized coaching support, we teach our clients how to design life on their terms. No more excuses. No more settling for the status quo.

We’re not here to put bandages on bullet holes. We won’t stroke your ego or tell you it’s okay to settle for less than your best. If you’re looking to spend a few hours in a conference room experiencing ‘death by PowerPoint’…well, you should probably look elsewhere.

We’re about exceeding potential, overcoming roadblocks, and helping you deal with the only person standing the way of your success (spoiler alert: it’s not your boss). Your time to thrive is now. Let’s go get it.

"Real Results. Real Time. Real Impact!"

Our Philosophy

Chances are, you’re familiar with the routine of most professional development programs. A few days stuck in a conference room. Death by PowerPoint. A trainer pushing through too much information too fast. That binder of notes you know will go on your shelf, never to be referenced again.

And then you return to work as normal the next day, old habits and all.

At Mark Jewell Speaking & Training, we do things differently.

Unlike most training programs, we spend our time focusing on developing the mindset of a top performer. Why? Because we can give you all skillsets and tactics in the world – and they will mean nothing if fear or negativity keeps you from using them.

We help our clients to identify their unique strengths and talents – as well as their fears and limiting beliefs – in order to map a path to success (however they define that). We then create space for people to take our tools and apply them to their own experiences and situations.

And that goes beyond work.

You are more than just your job, which is why we take a whole-person approach to people development. Our concepts are as applicable at home and in your community as they are in the office, so you can put them to work in whatever area you might be struggling.

We are changing the way companies think about employee development and how individuals think about what is possible for themselves.

Stop settling for survival mode. Choose to #thrivetoday.


Meet the Team!

Mark Jewell Speaking & Training is made up of a passionate group of trainers and coaches with a wide range of experiences. When you work with us, you can be sure you’re working with someone who cares about your personal journey and wants to help you reach whatever ambitions you have your eyes on.

Mark Jewell, Founder/CEO + Coach

Mark is a speaker, trainer, and coach serving organizations to help them and their employees STOP surviving and START thriving. With experiences ranging from the fur industry, to Shiitake mushroom production and even live leech trapping – Mark brings stories from the past and turns them into relevant lessons today. As the founder and CEO of Mark Jewell Speaking & Training, Mark leads a team of professionals dedicated to spreading the cause of a world that will no longer settle for average and mediocre, and will truly start to thrive today.



Amanda Sollman, Chief Operating Officer + Coach

Prior to coming to MJST, Amanda was an account supervisor with a full-service marketing agency in Minneapolis where she worked with clients in the agribusiness space. In her current role, she coaches many early-career professionals and is MJST’s go-to “detail person,” planning all training events, coordinating coaching schedules and managing digital and podcast content. Amanda graduated from Michigan State University with degrees in agriscience education and agriculture/natural resources communications, and is active with the Michigan FFA Alumni and Farm Bureau. She and her husband Mitch reside in Michigan with their dog Leo.


Wade Johannes, Director of New Business Development + Coach

Wade joined MJST from Central Valley Ag Cooperative in Nebraska where he worked with the ProEdge Marketing Team, and most recently served as VP of Agronomy Sales. Wade has also been with Cargill Ag Horizons and Johannes Farms, Inc., his family’s corn and cattle feeding operation. Wade brings extensive experience in ag sales leadership and personnel management to our team. Outside of work, he and his wife spend time keeping up with their four kids and volunteering with their church and school.



Jon Anderson, Success Coach

Jon comes to MJST from Ralco Nutrition, where he began as a formulation specialist and quickly advanced to research coordinator. In that role, he oversaw all activities within the company’s swine and poultry research barns, including leading a team of barn managers, research technicians and interns. Jon also has extensive background in production ag and feed production, including row crop, swine, cattle and equine experience. He graduated from South Dakota State University with a degree in Animal Science. Jon and his wife Kaylee live in Minnesota.

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